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Stories from Schaeffler: Technology and Systems Expertise

Further thinking, lateral thinking, and rethinking allow us to identify key trends at an early stage. We develop innovative products and systems, define new technology standards, and make them ready for volume production.

Green products – for the environment and the success of the company

The transformation of mobility towards climate-friendly drives is also reflected in Schaeffler’s product portfolio. Green products are found in many areas, from vehicles to machinery and wind turbines. They benefit people and the environment but also secure competitive advantages. This is why CO2-efficient drives play an important role in Schaeffler’s automotive business.

Green production: A major strand of Schaeffler’s Climate Action Plan

Schaeffler is conscious of its responsibility towards the environment. The motion technology company has therefore developed an ambitious Climate Action Plan to achieve its climate goal and implement the necessary climate protection measures. The plan is based on the Sustainability Roadmap adopted in 2019 and the holistic sustainability strategy that Schaeffler is constantly refining. One of the key focus areas is green production. This is based above all on the decarbonization of production, i.e., reducing greenhouse gas-related emissions in manufacturing processes. An important aspect in the context of resource efficiency is to save water.

CO₂ reduction by means of green steel and remanufacturing

CO₂ reduction plays a key role in the sustainability strategy of the Schaeffler Group. The relevant measures are being implemented in the motion technology company’s own production environment and when purchasing energy, but also outside the company in its value chain. The approaches Schaeffler is taking to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in its value chain include entering into partnerships with its suppliers or offering customers the reconditioning of products already supplied (remanufacturing). Two examples illustrate the options available.

Sebastian Steudtner chases the ultimate wave with Schaeffler technology

Anyone who wants to ride waves 50 meters high not only needs a whole lot of courage and skill, but also a surfboard design that is second to none. Big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner has found the perfect technology partner for his "Mission Wave Alpha".

A close look at the stars

Astronomers and astrophysicists researching outer space depend on high-performance telescopes. Even here, Schaeffler’s expertise and technology have an important part to play. Schaeffler helped to equip one of the world’s largest reflecting telescopes, located on La Palma in the Canary Islands, with a rotating direct drive motor – thus helping scientists to precisely observe galaxies far away.

High Tech for Bridge Builders

Bridges are sensitive structures. They are stressed by enormous forces, have to withstand heat and freezing cold, and are exposed to storms and even earthquakes. Often hidden behind steel and concrete is the fact that bridges have impressive interiors in order to deliver on their promises. And this is where bearing technology from Schaeffler comes into play.

At Maximum Speed on Snow and Ice

The maximum possible speed is the most important factor in many types of winter sport. Whether it’s in speed skating, luge, or bobsledding: Once the finish line is reached, only the time decides between victory and defeat. In conjunction with the Institute for the Research and Development of Sports Equipment (FES), Schaeffler is developing new materials for runners and blades, and custom-fit chassis bearings, which were also used during the Olympic Winter Games.

Parts Replacement Made Easy with Special Tools

The challenges that independent garages face due to technological advancements are increasing all the time. Whether it’s replacing a double clutch, repairing the timing drive, or inspecting a dual-mass flywheel – without the right equipment, it’s hardly possible these days to conduct ever-more complicated repairs on a vehicle. The Automotive Aftermarket division offers optimal solutions for this. In a joint effort with the acclaimed tool manufacturer GEDORE from Donaueschingen, Germany, they develop tailor-made special tools adapted especially to the needs in garages.

Hunt for Gold in High-Tech Bobsled

In the sport of bobsledding, everything must come together perfectly at the crucial moment: The talent of the athletes, the technology of the bobsleds, and a necessary bit of luck. Schaeffler is supporting the German bob sled pilot Nico Walther with rolling and plain bearings that meet the highest requirements.

Professional Knowledge for Garages

In garages around the globe, people are working every day to ensure our mobility. When repairing vehicles, mechanics trust the high-quality products and innovative solutions of the four Schaeffler brands – LuK, INA, FAG, and Ruville. The Automotive Aftermarket business division, and its roughly 12,000 distribution partners, is responsible for the worldwide spare parts business of the Schaeffler Group. And this is not all they do. The Automotive Aftermarket business division also offers training seminars with the goal of keeping garage professionals up-to-date on the latest technologies wherever they are around the world.

Perfect Production

On average, new production facilities are built in only 18 months in accordance with a proven production system. Every second production machine in our plants was manufactured by our very own Special Machinery department. Schaeffler’s global production network ensures that perfection is achieved – whether it be for establishing a new plant, setting up an assembly line, or implementing new machining technology. More than two thirds of Schaeffler employees work in production or in areas close to production and have turned Schaeffler’s production system into a success story.

Open the Locks for World Trade

The new Panama Canal opened on June 26, 2016. Its locks are so enormous that container ships with a length of 366 meters can pass through them. Schaeffler has supplied more than 3,400 bearings for the lock technology and environmentally friendly water management.

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