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Top performance in motorsport – pioneers in volume-production development

Motorsport is in Schaeffler’s DNA. The company has been a fixture on the international motorsport scene for decades. From the very beginning, Schaeffler’s wide-ranging involvement has reflected the company’s self-image as a versatile and high-performance global player in the field of mobility worldwide.

Schaeffler pioneers motion to advance how the world moves. That is why motorsport and volume-production development go hand in hand at Schaeffler. Schaeffler distinguishes itself from worldwide competition thanks to its innovations, agility, and efficiency, and the company puts precisely these strengths to good use in motorsport.

Innovative technologies help our partner teams to achieve new record times, victories, and titles. Responding quickly and precisely to new challenges – and ideally foreseeing them before they occur – means valuable fractions of a second on the racetrack and valuable advantages for our customers in volume production.

Motorsport thus means much more to Schaeffler than victories and triumphs. For us, motorsport is the ultimate proving ground for new technologies – from internal combustion engines through to all-electric race cars. After all, we know that if our technologies make a convincing case on the racetrack, they will do the same on the road.

From the road to the racetrack

The findings that Schaeffler gain from motorsport are continuously integrated into research and development activities for volume production and, more and more frequently, vice-versa.

In 2022, for example, the Schaeffler hydrostatic modular clutch actuator is being used in the DTM for the first time. Two years ago, the system made its debut in the series production of various models for major customers.

Thanks to its extremely compact design, its low weight and many other benefits, such as low energy consumption and rapid response behaviour, it is now finding its way into motorsport. This makes the modular clutch actuator a prime example of the road-to-race technology transfer, which underlines the high potential of Schaeffler technology. In 2022, a Schaeffler brand ambassador will compete in the DTM in a green BMW M4 GT3 with this system on board.


We love competition and test our technologies under extreme conditions to make them ready for volume production. We share our partner teams’ excitement and celebrate every one of their successes. The celebrations do not end at the racetrack, however, they continue in our development laboratories, in our manufacturing facilities, and on our test rigs. After all, every time we successfully transfer our motorsport expertise to volume production and achieve outstanding quality and reliability, we know that we have done everything right. That‘s #WhyWeRace.

Schaeffler sets benchmarks with new sound design for electric cars

The sound run for the DTM Electric, with Sophia Flörsch at the wheel, was a special event in many regards. On one hand, it demonstrated that fully-electric race cars also sound like thoroughbred race cars and are thus able to convey the emotions that make motorsport so unmistakable. On the other hand, it is the innovative technical approach taken by Schaeffler that makes the thrilling new DTM sound possible at all.

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Racing series and commitments

Schaeffler has been actively involved in the DTM for many years. In 2022, the focus is on Schaeffler brand ambassador Marco Wittmann in the new BMW M4 DTM.

Schaeffler is involved in numerous areas of motorsport. From the successful history as a pioneer in FIA Formula, to Formula Student and the Schaeffler Motorsport Academy, Schaeffler is represented around the world.

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