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Roadmap 2025

We pioneer motion

We want to shape the future of motion together with our customers, partners, and society. That is what drives us and expresses our identity.

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CEO Klaus Rosenfeld explains the Roadmap 2025.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our corporate strategy “Roadmap 2025” has been launched in 2020 in order to continue the ongoing transformation of the Schaeffler Group in a future-oriented and targeted manner. The further development of the Strategy in 2023 is designed to build on the company's strengths, thereby further sharpening its corporate profile and positioning itself as motion technology company that creates value to our customers in all areas of motion. There is no question that our customers and their needs will remain the center of all business activities. On this basis, we think that we are well equipped to continue our journey and to pioneer motion in a sustainable way. Read on and see for yourselves.

With best regards
Klaus Rosenfeld
Chief Executive Officer Schaeffler AG



Schaeffler Roadmap 2025: OUR PURPOSE

The invention of the revolutionary cage-guided needle roller bearing put Schaeffler at the forefront of motion right from the outset. We are experts in both rotary and linear motion across a huge variety of markets: We pioneer motion for automobiles, machines, wind turbines, and many industrial applications.

This passion for technology and innovation has always been a core element of our DNA, and it is precisely this pioneering spirit, together with our courage and curiosity, that continues to drive us forward.

Our purpose in today’s environment is therefore just as relevant as it was at the beginning of our 70-year history. It tells us why we are here, and how we respond to the global challenges of today and contribute to building sustainable value for our stakeholders and society as a whole. It also offers our people a sense of meaning and identity, particularly in times of major and constant change.

This applies to more than just mobility. It involves all aspects of motion.



Schaeffler Roadmap 2025: Our Vision

To remain a genuine pioneer and the global number one in motion technology, also in increasingly dynamic and complex environments, we will have to keep developing as a company and become even more innovative, agile, and efficient, always putting our customers at the center of what we do. Our ambitious vision reflects this commitment to serve our customers in all their markets along the entire range of motion.



Schaeffler Strategy 2025: Our mission

To remain global leader in motion technology is hard work. Our mission expresses how we realize our purpose, vision. For decades, fulfilling our customers’ needs with innovative products and services have been the backbone of Schaeffler’s success. And it continues to be.

This is possible because of our unique strength, which is connecting the dots in motion technology. This means that we do not only offer innovative products and services in motion technology, such as Bearings & Linear Guides, Transmission & Engine Components, Actuators, E-Motors and E-Drives, Hydrogen Stacks and Plates, and Repair & Monitoring Services. We offer them across all markets, our customers serve: From Transportation & Mobility, over Machinery & Materials, Industrial Automation to Renewables. At the same time, as a motion technology company, we have special opportunities to realize synergies and transfer our component knowhow to more complex systems. This is how we serve the entire field of motion: We guide, transmit, generate, drive, energize and sustain motion.

In future, we will therefore be focusing even more closely on realizing economies of scale as well as economies of scope across markets and offerings.

Our mission underlines our value proposition to our customers by connecting our technological knowledge, our wide portfolio of products and services across markets. With the further development of our positioning as ‘The Motion Technology Company’, we show the decisive role of Schaeffler products in the field of motion.


Our motion technology portfolio will be even more advanced to meet the complexity of customer demands. With our further developed positioning we focus on the element that combines our offering across our four market clusters Transportation & Mobility, Machinery & Materials, Industrial Automation and Renewables and shows all the aspects of motion technology where we play a decisive role.

6 product families with motion as connecting element

Schaeffler provides products for various vehicle drive trains, as well as products for two-wheelers, railway, aerospace and agricultural and construction machinery. As the mobility sector is undergoing a profound transformation, we offer e-mobility and new mobility solutions our Schaeffler Aftermarket portfolio, our customers are served with repair solutions for passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, and tractors.

Digital workshop Electric car charging Steering wheel with Schaeffler logo

We are systems expert for the development of production machinery, machine tools and machinery for the textile, printing, and food and packaging industries as well as medical technology and electronics manufacturing In addition, we offer “heavy duty” rolling bearing applications in the raw material extraction, steel and non-ferrous metals, and cellulose and paper industries. The concepts also extend the lifecycle of machines and reduce the lifecycle costs.

Digital factory Digital measuring machine Electric conveyor in factory

Intelligent technologies based on AI and automation increase the speed of production automation, while industrial connectivity is providing the foundation for significant efficiency gains through Internet of Things (IoT) applications, such as condition monitoring and preventive maintenance. For us, this trend offers unprecedented potential for growth and increased efficiency – not just for the benefit of our customers, but for our own production operations.

Digital product scanning Modern plant factory Big dump truck

Technological expertise is already on display in products and solutions for hydropower, solar energy, and wind power applications. Another important topic in the area of renewables is hydrogen, where Schaeffler develops stack solutions and services for electrolyzes. This business has a high growth potential and covers not only components for hydrogen production by electrolyzers Simultaneously, Schaeffler develops fuel cells for use as alternative and more sustainable source of energy in car.

Renewable energy systems Hydroelectric power plant Windmill power station

Repair & Monitoring Services

We ensure that our products are in motion as long as possible. That is not only important for our customers, but also for our commitment towards sustainability. We sustain motion, by ensuring a long lifetime of our products through highest quality, through smart monitoring solutions in industrial applications as well as with our strong portfolio for repairing products and solutions in the aftermarket.

More about our products
Schaeffler OPTIMITE products
Sustain Motion

Hydrogen Stacks & Plates

Motion needs a lot of energy. Converting energy into motion, in a most resource-saving way is getting more and more to reduce the share of fossil energies in down to zero in the future. Therefore, we energize motion. Our capability to transfer our core know how to different applications enables us to develop electrolyzer and fuel cell technologies to produce and make use of hydrogen at the same tame.

More about our products
Schaeffler HYDRON power stack elektrolyzer
Energize Motion

E-Motors & E-Drives

In the future, motion will be driven electrically. This means that propulsion systems, which produce the force to induce motion will become more and more electric and innovative. Therefore, we also further develop our product portfolio. The e-axle, for example, consists not only of an e-motor, but also of the power electronics. This transformation offers opportunities for innovations in entirely new mobility concepts.

More about our products
Schaeffler e-drive motor
Drive Motion


When motion is generated, energy is converted into movement. This is done with the help of an actuator. Energy can be hydraulic or electric. Therefore, we are experts in a wide field of different engineering disciplines, from mechanical engineering to electronics and software. When it comes to robotics, for example, an actuator converts a signal into a change of physical parameters, such as direction or speed.

More about our products
Schaeffler thermal management module
Generate Motion

Transmission & Engine Components

To transmit motion means to transfer a movement from one area to another. Or to turn a rotational movement into a linear movement. When stepping on the clutch in our car, for example, we transmit motion from one gear to another, therefore increasing efficiency at higher speed. Of course, bearings and linear guides are needed for this. And it builds the basis for what comes next: generating motion.

More about our products
Schaeffler clutch module
Transmit Motion

Bearing & Linear Guides

This is, where our success story starts. With the cage-guided needle roller bearing. Guiding motion means to maintain the alignment by controlling the degree of freedom of moving parts, for example of balls or needles in a bearing. We guide motion in a way that increases efficiency, that reduces wear, and that minimizes friction. This way, bearings run longer, and cars require less fuel for longer distances.

More about our products
Schaeffler spherical roller bearing
Guide Motion

As we pioneer motion, motion is also the connecting element between all our product families.

By means of our product families, we describe all products and services that we offer along the entire range of motion, from all types of bearings and linear guides (Product Family 1) that guide motion to our repair and monitoring services (Product Family 6) that ensure that our products are in use for long, thus that sustain motion. Along the way, we transmit, generate, drive and energize motion by offering transmissions and engine components (2), actuators (3), e-motors and e-drives (4), as well as hydrogen stacks and plates (5).

Our product families are interrelated, as one product provides the foundation for another one. In some cases, one product is a crucial component for another one. In many other cases, technology from one product family is transferred to develop a product that is a key element of another product family.

This ability to extend our offerings from one product family to another also builds the basis to continuously extend the customer that we serve across a huge variety of markets.


Just as it is our competitive advantage to build bridges from on product family to another, it is our value proposition to our customers to transfer technological know-how from one market cluster to another.


The key to our success, our ability to offer our customer products and services that pioneer motion in all its dimensions, is the cornerstone of what makes us unique. At the same time, it is our unique selling points, our profound system understanding, our innovative spirit as well our ability to excel in highest quality precision manufacturing that enable us to pioneer motion the way we do it.


For us as a motion technology company, innovation means shaping the way ahead. It applies to our offerings just as it applies to the mindset of all our employees globally. As always, we focus on what our customers need from us. This passion for technology and innovation has always been a core element of our DNA, and it is precisely this pioneering spirit, together with our courage and curiosity, that continues to drive us forward.


We are experts in providing superior quality. We ensure low defect rates in our production, thus enhancing the quality of our products. Our customers benefit not only from highest product quality, but also from outstanding service quality, as we satisfy their requirements and expectations in terms of reliability, service life, efficiency, and flexibility in production.

System understanding

Our comprehensive system understanding and the ability to transfer technology across product families, enables us to offer continuously optimize complex, individualized solutions. At the same time, as a motion technology company, we have special opportunities to realize synergies, by harnessing the variety of interfaces between the markets and customers we serve.

Manufacturing excellence

We are experts in manufacturing excellence, thanks to our sophisticated high precision technologies, such as large forging, cold forming, heat treatment, machining, grinding, injection, coating, winding and assembly. This enables us not only to provide superior quality, but also to innovate, as our expertise in manufacturing one specific products very often enables us to develop another product.


The Schaeffler Group is a publicly listed family business, a company built on the strong values of its founders. Alongside a strong will to achieve success, the Schaeffler Group’s corporate culture consists of its people’s willingness and ability to challenge themselves, try new approaches, and take a long-term view. At Schaeffler, to strive for success is to strive for superior quality and first-class technology. We have distilled all these aspects into four core values: Sustainable, Innovative, Excellent, and Passionate. These values are the cornerstone of everything we want to achieve with our strategy.


We assume responsibility for the future of Schaeffler Group and coming generations. With continuity and a long-term view.


As pioneers we know: For (almost) every problem there is a solution. If not, we will create one.


We strive for the highest quality in everything we do. No matter where and when.


What drives us is curiosity, fascination for innovative technologies and the joint success with our customers.

The Schaeffler Group is a company with a unique identity – a company shaped by its founders, with a long history of success, a clear strategic orientation, and a strong commitment to deeply held values and principles. This identity has made us strong in the past and will make us even stronger in the future.

Our diverse and vibrant Motion Crew from around the world

The further developed positioning of Schaeffler as “The Motion Technology Company” aligns our positioning with a simplified presentation of our product and services offering. It is a crucial step for the future success of our company and can only be brought to life with the commitment of our entire organization. This is a decisive moment for our company as we take the next steps to secure our long-term success. Our employees, in cooperation with our customers, partners, and society, focus on the element that combines our offering across three divisions and come together as the Motion Crew.

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