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Schaeffler at IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich

The entire mobility industry met at IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich. One of the largest and most significant mobility shows in the world centered once again on futuristic visions and innovations related to crucial subjects like connected and autonomous mobility, digital solutions, and sustainable and circular mobility.

Opportunity for a personal exchange

Once again, we presented our most recent advancements in terms of intelligent components, systems, and services for innovative, sustainable mobility of the future at the IAA Mobility in Munich as your creative and dependable partner in the automotive industry.

Numerous interested parties took the opportunity for a personal exchange with our experts and found out how we, together with our customers, partners and society, will succeed in shaping the mobility and motion of the future in a sustainable way.

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Our innovations, products, and solutions are ready for the future and make a decisive, sustainable contribution to it.

Solutions and components for a sustainable energy and mobility transition

Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy. We assume environmental and social responsibility along the entire supply chain and are facing up to the challenges of climate change. Our journey to climate neutrality – our Climate Journey – has a specific goal in focus: From 2040, we want to operate in a climate-neutral way and reduce CO2 emissions both in our own production and in the supply chain, for example through the use of renewable energies. To ensure that this journey to climate neutrality is successful, we have defined targeted measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our climate action plan. See for yourself and experience everything about sustainability at Schaeffler: From green purchasing and green production to green products such as alternative drives, intelligent repair solutions, and new mobility concepts.

One out of many: Schaeffler's broad electric motor product portfolio is based on a technology platform that enables flexible and economical manufacturing.
One out of many: Schaeffler's broad electric motor product portfolio is based on a technology platform that enables flexible and economical manufacturing.

Efficiency first: Optimally designed e-axle systems for greater driving range

The highest possible range suitable for everyday use is the key to acceptance of modern battery electric vehicles – every watt counts! We have therefore "trimmed the drive for efficiency" and show how highly integrated e-axle systems make optimum use of the available battery capacity. As the "heart" and "brain" of an electric drive system, the e-motor and power electronics have special roles to play: Designed in high-speed architecture, the traction machine is comparatively small and light; at the same time, integrated slot cooling regulates the motor temperature to ensure high continuous power close to peak power. Particularly smart: The waste heat from the electric motor is absorbed directly at the source – the copper windings – and is available, e. g. for temperature control of the driver's cab or battery. Loaded with software innovations, the new 800 V SiC power electronics not only control the optimum redistribution of waste heat throughout the vehicle via the thermal management system, but also leverage further efficiency potential in the powertrain by controlling decoupling units, parking locks or smart hydraulic systems, among other things.

The future of steering: By-wire systems are paving the way towards highly automated driving

Driving at 130 km/h on the highway without a hand on the steering wheel? This is no longer an utopian dream but has been permitted in highly automated cars in Germany since 2023. An indispensable key technology for highly automated and autonomously connected driving is steering systems that transmit steering wheel turns to the steering gear "by-wire" – i. e. electronically – and reflect feedback from the road back to the driver as a steering feel, supported by sensors. At IAA Mobility we present an integrated, centrally controlled overall system with hand- and road wheel actuator. A matter of course: multiple redundancy that meets the high safety standards.

The advantages of such systems are manifold: Whether comfortable or sporty, the steering feel can be electronically adapted to the driver's preferences. In addition, the elimination of the steering column opens up completely new interior concepts. Steering wheel? No longer essential – other input devices, such as a joystick, could also provide direction in the future.

Characteristic of precise
Characteristic of precise "by-wire" steering systems: Smaller steering angles enable new steering wheel concepts that can be electrically stowed away
In the future, autonomously driving shuttles will be a useful addition to mobility services – in cities and in rural areas.
In the future, autonomously driving shuttles will be a useful addition to mobility services – in cities and in rural areas.

Driverless into the future: Take a seat in the next generation mover

As a supplement to public transportation, autonomous shuttles will make their way into the world's big cities in the next few years, but ultimately also into the rural peripheries. One thing is for sure: these urban platforms will be electric on the road. Based on our comprehensive system know-how in the battery-electric vehicle powertrain we have expanded an efficient drive system to include the steering system and, as a Rolling Chassis, provides a flexible and modular basis for new, driverless robo-shuttles or delivery vehicles.

To integrate the Rolling Chassis into a data-driven, mobile future, we have already been working with Mobileye, a leading provider of systems for autonomous driving, since 2021. Supplemented by a cooperation partner for complete vehicle integration, shuttles would be available on the market in the foreseeable future that could relieve the inner cities of megacities of individual traffic in fleets of mobility service providers.

Press & Downloads

Press activities IAA Mobility 2023

Press activities IAA Mobility 2023

  • The Schaeffler press conference at the IAA Mobility 2023 show in Munich was held from 11:00 to 11:20 a.m. CEST on Monday, September 4, 2023, at the Schaeffler booth B40 in hall B3 and streamed live.
  • Please address media inquiries regarding trade show participation at IAA Mobility to: Steffen Nieländer
  • All press releases on Schaeffler topics at IAA Mobility 2023 will be available in our press kit

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