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At Schaeffler, we are committed to always treating one another with respect and acting professionally – this also applies to communication over social media platforms. It includes all official social media appearances of the Schaeffler Group as well as communication and collaboration platforms provided by us. We therefore ask you to read carefully through the following code of conduct and remember to always observe common courtesy when it comes to communication and collaboration.

1. Treat Others Respectfully

Treat other users and their posts with decency, politeness, and respect. Remember to always remain friendly. Every post is written, answered, and/or read by real people. For this reason, try to treat the person you are talking to in virtual space as you would in a face-to-face conversation.

2. Respect the Opinions and Personalities of Others

You are allowed and even encouraged to ask questions and express constructive criticism. However, in no way do we tolerate personal insults, abusive language, sexual innuendo, sexist or racist remarks, or any other form of discrimination.

3. Only Express Your Personal Opinion

We would like to know what is on your mind, so please only communicate your personal opinion and make sure that what you say is constructive. In addition, we would ask you to verify that the content you publish is not copyrighted. This is in our best interest but, more importantly, it is in your best interest. Please do not post images or content not created by you, or show others who have not agreed to having their picture published online.

4. Think Twice Before You Publish Content

It is a common fact that people’s personal inhibition threshold drops in cyberspace. So consider the potential consequences of publishing content online at all times. Set a good example for other users with the content you publish.

5. Our Liability

Please note that comments and posts that were not published by the Schaeffler Corporate Communications department, or by persons who have been officially authorized, solely reflect the personal opinion of the commentator. Schaeffler cannot be held liable for the accuracy or completeness of content or external links.

6. Support

If you feel mistreated by other users or find violations of this code of conduct on our web pages, please contact us at

Should you have any questions or suggestions, we will be pleased to assist you.

Enjoy using our web pages.

Your Schaeffler Social Media Team

Our Advice
In the event of a violation of these guidelines, we reserve the right to delete the posts or comments in question. In extreme cases, we will block certain users. In particular, this applies in the following cases:

  • Using the notice board as an advertising space for websites or services
  • Leaving auto-generated comments
  • Offering goods or services of commercial or private nature
  • Posting racist remarks, hate propaganda, or any form of sedition
  • Disregarding religious freedom
  • Posting sexist contents or any form of pornography
  • Insulting and degrading individuals and institutions in any form
  • Infringing on the rights of third parties and violating copyrights in particular

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