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How to apply

To apply, please search for job opportunitiesand apply directly online. For questions about specific job offers please consult the contact persons listed on the job ads.

If you experience difficulty searching or applying for positions, or have general comments about how Schaeffler can improve your application experience, please contact us the Schaeffler recruiting support. Our mail address is for the sole purpose of questions, as we are unable to accept any job applications through this route.


We have put together some frequently asked questions and answers about applying for positions. Please contact the Schaeffler recruiting support, if you have any questions that are not listed here.

1. Why should I apply online?

Online applications are cost effective: they do not require an expensive application folder or postage. You can always check the current status of your application online. Also, we can process your application much faster.

In addition, once you have entered and saved your profile, you can apply for other vacancies at the Schaeffler Group at any time. Our job agent informs you immediately as soon as a position you might find interesting becomes available.

2. How does an online application work?

After you have sent your application or have approved your profile You receive a confirmation via email. To process your application as quickly as possible, we only need your complete resume. In addition, you can submit a cover letter and relevant references with your application.

3. How do I complete the online application assistant?

Instructions on the first side of the online form and useful hints on each page explain how to fill out the form. You can fill the fields in any order. The order in which the form is completed is not important. Please pay special attention to the mandatory fields that are labeled with an asterisk. Only after sending it, your application will be visible to us and considered for application. Upon successfully sending the application, a message is displayed on the screen and a confirmation email is sent to the email address you entered in the system.

4. Do I have to withdraw my application to add new attachments?

No. Simply upload your new documents and delete the attachments that are no longer needed.

5. How can I make a good impression when I apply for a job?

Incomplete applications or applications that contain mistakes make an unfavorable impression. The same level of care should be used for an online application than for a conventional application on paper. Standard cover letters and mass applications can appear not well thought through and unconvincing.

6. What happens during the application process?

When you find an interesting job in our career opportunities section, please apply by clicking the “Apply now” button in the job advert. Your application will be carefully checked once it has been received by the Schaeffler Group’s HR department. I If the review is positive, we will invite you to a telephone interview or video interview.

7. Can I interrupt my application and continue completing it at a later date?

After you have registered in the candidate portal, you can leave the candidate portal at any time and continue with your application later. The data you entered is stored.

8. Who can view my data?

First, we can only see your data if you have approved your profile. When you apply for a job, the responsible department colleagues and the recruiter can view your data. Apart from that, only you can access and edit your data. With your agreement and after your approval your profile is stored in our candidate pool and can be viewed by all recruiters within the Schaeffler Group.

9. For how long is my data stored?

It is up to you to decide how long your profile is visible on the candidate portal after you have approved your profile there. Our system will remind you to update your profile at regular intervals, or to delete it. If you have not approved your profile, your data will be stored and deleted in accordance with national data protection regulations.

10. What should I do if I forget my password?

Click on the “View profile” button on the top right-hand side of the page. Click “Forgot your password?” and enter the email address you used upon registration. when you. Our recruiting service will then send you a new password.

11. How do I withdraw my application?

In the candidate portal select “Jobs applied”, choose the application you wish to withdraw and click “Withdraw application”.


Experience us virtually and in live chat on our CareerXperience platform. There you can get in touch with us personally, register for lectures and visit our virtual training center.


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