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Strategy and management
Value-driven corporate management

Economic success, long-term orientation, and awareness of the social and environmental concerns of its own business are traditionally closely interlinked at Schaeffler. These corporate values are the compass that Schaeffler, together with its stakeholders, uses to set the course for the future and implement the strategy “Mobility for tomorrow”. To this end, the Schaeffler Group has established management structures and processes with the aim of ensuring that all business activities along the entire value chain are legally compliant and meet high ethical standards.

Sustainability in concrete terms

Company profile and business model

  • Schaeffler offers innovative product solutions in the industrial, automotive, and aftermarket sectors
  • Around 87,700 employees work together across divisions and countries at around 170 locations worldwide

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Corporate strategy and values

  • Sustainability is an integral part of Schaeffler's corporate values
  • The strategy “Mobility for tomorrow” creates the foundation for sustainably profitable growth

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Sustainability management and organization

  • The Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety (SEHS) department under the HR function is responsible for the sustainability management
  • The Sustainability Committee is the central decision-making body

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Materiality and stakeholder management

  • An online survey was conducted in 2019 with around 300 external and internal stakeholders
  • As a result, eleven issues have been identified as material for the non-financial reporting in 2019

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Corporate governance

  • The Group Compliance & Risk Committee is a central pillar of the governance structure
  • No reportable non-financial risks were identified in 2019

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Responsibility in the value chain

  • The Supplier Code of Conduct sets minimum requirements for suppliers
  • A new central function manages and develops the topic of sustainability in the supply chain

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With its activities and measures in the Strategy and Management field of action, Schaeffler contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) “Decent work and economic growth” (SDG 8) as well as “Partnerships for the goals” (SDG 17).

With its activities and measures in the strategy and management field of action, Schaeffler contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) “decent work and economic growth” (SDG 8) as well as “partnerships for the goals” (SDG 17).

Memberships of the Schaeffler Group

The Schaeffler Group is a member of industry and interest groups and other organizations with a social mission in which company representatives participate through projects or working groups. In the list provided for download, memberships in organisations are listed which are strategically significant for the company or its industry and which are related to the eleven materiality issues. The list also meets the requirements of indicator 102-13 of the Global Reporting Initiative Standard.

The following three organizations are exemplary for the engagement of the Schaeffler Group in diverse industry and interst groups.

UN Global Compact
The Schaeffler Group is a participant in the United Nations Global Compact since February 2020, and is committed to its ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

Charta der Vielfalt (Diversity Charter)
The Schaeffler Group is committed to diversity within the company and also made its commitment known publicly with the signing of the “Charta der Vielfalt” in May 2008. It is committed to the standards of the Charta der Vielfalt and relies on a corporate culture based on integration and mutual respect.

econsense - Forum für Nachhaltige Entwicklung der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V. (Forum for Sustainable German Economic Development) is an association of leading global companies and organizations active in the German economy with the goal of promoting sustainable development in the economy. The Schaeffler Group has been a member of the corporate network since September 2016.

A detailed list of memberships for 2019 can be found here:

Memberships 2019

Selected key figures

Total revenue
Confirmed cases of human rights violations
1) Contraventions of the prohibition on forced labor and child labor and cases of discrimination by origin, skin color, or gender.
Degree of coverage of certified melts in the supply chain
2) Survey period from March to February of the following year, 3) Risk areas as defined in the RCOI.

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