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First Schaeffler Venture Forum takes place in Herzogenaurach

Start-up companies present their ideas to Schaeffler

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Prof. Dr. Tim Hosenfeldt, Senior Vice President Corporate Innovation at Schaeffler AG (on the left), had the start-up companies’ business ideas explained to him and even tested one of the applications on autonomous systems/smart factory himself.

2017-05-24 | Herzogenaurach

Schaeffler is continuously expanding its digital ecosystem in order to create new, digital services for its customers. Thirteen international technology start-up companies took the opportunity to present their innovative business ideas in the fields of sensor technology, data value creation, and autonomous systems/smart factory at Schaeffler in Herzogenaurach.

At the first Schaeffler Venture Forum, thirteen technology start-up companies were given the opportunity to present their business ideas on all aspects of sensor technology, data value creation, and autonomous systems/smart factory to Schaeffler specialists and top-management representatives. The contestants came not only from Germany but, amongst other countries, from Israel, Australia, and Canada. Out of 100 start-up companies, they came out as the winners of a preselection round. Those presenting the most convincing ideas and talents will be offered the chance to start business with Schaeffler as an investor, a partner, or as a customer.

“Digital services are increasingly complementing conventional business models in automobile and mechanical engineering industries. As a supplier to these industries, we not only respond to this trend, but we are also actively shaping these fields, so that we are able to offer new, digital services and business models to our customers. In order to implement these quickly and in a target-oriented manner, we are continuously expanding our collaboration with start-up companies,” said Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Gutzmer, Chief Technology Officer and Deputy CEO of Schaeffler AG at the first Schaeffler Venture Forum.

“Our day-to-day actions are characterized by our mission to ensure sustainable, profitable growth with our innovations and to shape the future of mobility. All of the ideas that the start-up companies presented today for our products and services were convincing. For this reason, we are going to remain in dialog with all of them in order to initiate specific collaboration projects. After all, speed is a decisive factor for success in the digital age“, said Prof. Dr. Tim Hosenfeldt, Senior Vice President Corporate Innovation at Schaeffler AG.

Being an innovation leader, Schaeffler is consistently expanding its research and development work, examples of which can be seen in cooperations with the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (“Schaeffler Hub for Automotive Research in E-Mobility” at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg), the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (SHARE at KIT), the Fraunhofer Institute in Munich, and the Munich Network. What is more, Schaeffler is a founding partner of the “Zollhof Digital Center for Founders” in Nuremberg and a partner of Factory Berlin.

Publisher: Schaeffler AG
Country: Germany

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