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Variable valve train systems

Increasing customer requirements and new legislation determine and will continue to determine the demands made on modern engines:

  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced CO2 output = reduced fuel consumption

With simultaneous optimisation of:

  • Performance and comfort

And the best possible

  • Cost/benefit ratio.

These objectives can be achieved by means of intelligent injection systems, fully or partially variable valve train systems and/or a combination thereof. Through targeted air mass control, further potential for optimisation will be realised by the petrol and diesel engines of the future with homogeneous self-ignition combustion process.

Initial successful volume production startups of these high precision components demonstrate INA expertise in relation to:

  • Systems development (mechanical, hydraulic and software integration)
  • Design verification (calculation, testing)
  • Manufacturing know-how
  • Cost management

These INA components can achieve the required functionality for all valve train types: