Stories from Schaeffler: Technology and Systems Expertise

Further thinking, lateral thinking, and rethinking allow us to identify key trends at an early stage. We develop innovative products and systems, define new technology standards, and make them ready for volume production.

Open the Locks for World Trade

The new Panama Canal opened on June 26, 2016. Its locks are so enormous that container ships with a length of 366 meters can pass through them. Schaeffler has supplied more than 3,400 bearings for the lock technology and environmentally friendly water management.

Even More Ready for Action

Schaeffler’s linear technology experts have worked closely with Siemens Healthcare to develop a drive system that allows computer tomography machines to be moved from one treatment room to another.

Fighting White Etching Cracks

White etching cracks lead to premature bearing failure. Schaeffler offers different technologies for making bearing supports more resistant to white etching cracks.

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